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Wonton Dumplings with Noodle Soup
Servings: 1
Saucepan, Bowl.

Ingredients (per person):

500 mL vegetable or chicken stock
1 bok choy
1 spring onion
1 bundle dried egg noodles
6 wonton wrappers
3 fresh mushrooms
2/3 stalks fresh coriander
100g minced chicken (meat option)
2 wombok [chinese cabbage] leaves
white pepper
small knob of ginger
soy sauce
sesame oil

Grate as much ginger as you want
Finely slice spring onion and coriander stalks [save leaves for garnish], save one leaf of spring onion for garnish
Finely slice wombok leaves
Chop mushroom into small dice
Mix chicken mince (meat option) and chopped vegetables with ginger, add white pepper, small spoon of sesame oil and soy sauce, mix well
Spread wonton wrappers on work surface and place a small spoonful of mixture in the centre
Wet your finger with water and wet edges of the wonton wrapper
Fold over and press edges together to seal
Meanwhile bring stock and a little water to boil
Add the noodles and bok choy to the boiling stock
When the noodles are soft, add the wontons and drop into liquid simmer for 2 - 3 minutes
Slice the spring onion leaf.
Serve with a splash of sesame oil and soy sauce or chilli sauce
Garnish with coriander leaves and sliced spring onion

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