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Rice Cakes
Servings: 1 or 2
Equipment: Small bowl, large bowl

Tips n Tricks:

If you find it difficult to form the rice and vegetables into patties or balls, add more grated cheese to the mixture as well as some of the Panko crumbs to get the correct consistency. You can also add more beaten egg to the mixture as this will help bind the mixture.

Using leftover cooked rice that has been in the fridge is better for forming into patties as it is slightly sticky. Forming the mixture into flat patties instead of balls is also easier for shallow frying and is also easier to flip for frying the other side.


1 pkt 250gms microwaveable brown rice (1 packet will be enough for 2 people)

1 egg

100ml vegetable stock

1/2 carrot

1/2 onion

1 spring onion

3 mushrooms

50gms butter

150gms tasty cheese (grated or from a block)

1 cup bread crumbs


salt & pepper

To serve:

A handful of assorted salad greens

3 - 4 cherry tomatoes or 1 large tomato

Follow the directions on the packet of rice (squeeze pack and tear open a few cms at the top and microwave on high for 90 seconds.

Grate the half of cheese, carrot and onion. Chop up the mushrooms quite small and finely slice the spring onion.

Chop the remainder of the cheese and keep separate.

In a small bowl beat up the egg.

Put the rice into a large bowl and add the stock and stir well to mix through.

Add all the grated ingredients, mushrooms and spring onion and salt and pepper to taste.

Add two spoonfuls of the beaten egg and mix to combine. Using your hands divide mixture into 4 balls or patties pressing well to combine, make a depression in the centre and add the chopped cheese. Fold the mixture over the cheese to cover and roll and flatten into patties or cakes.

A spoonful of bread crumbs will help bind the mixture.

Dip the patties into the beaten egg and then into the bread crumbs to coat.

Heat the butter and some oil on medium - high heat and place patties in the pan and cook until golden and crisp, then carefully turn over and cook the other side.

Serve with a salad of greens and chopped tomato.

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